Getting Back on Track

I'm a maintenance guy for the Final Fantasy Compendium, which means I do most of the work on the site, because I'm very hi-falutin about technical documents. Before I got my current job as a programmer, I thought about going into technical documentation, because it combines my two favorite things - writing and computers. So when I'm dealing with what's basically an encyclopedia without any professional atmosphere, I get annoyed. For example, I just got control of the name origins section, because the other guy flaked out, reducing the number of any one working on the site to just two - the webmaster and me. Me has been working on revising and revamping all the entries and text so they don't sound like some sixteen year old who just found geocities and puts a lot of blinking text on there. Maintenance's job is to run through everything and make corrections. I consider Japanese smilies ^_^ to be very much a correction, and they keep popping up. My point is when I get these big projects like this, it tends to take away from my writing for a few reasons. One is time. Because the site is viewed by a lot of people, I need to get these updates up as soon as possible. Big projects = big time. Another is because it's dry documentation, in a non-fiction format, it doesn't help my fiction mojo, and I'm not sure how to get my spark back after I've done a big revision on the site. I'm afraid it dries out my writing. That or I'm just too cowardly to begin again.