My First Blog Entry

Well, let's come right to the point. This blog is meant to chronicle my journey's as a writer. One might wonder why I would choose to make this public, rather than keeping it in my diary or journal. Well, I see a lot of blogs by already established authors like Neil Gaiman and John Scalzi. They've already made it, so you hear about the Hugo awards they get to go to, and the movie screenplays they get to read, the parties they go to, and otherwise glamourous things. I find these fascinating, but no one ever talks, in detail, about how to make it there. Once you're up at the top, no one ever remembers the struggle. You remember how to ride the bike, you never remember how many times you fell off. "How did you get published" is one of the most popular questions for writers, but they never really answer it, because every author's quest is different. So I want to show what one person's journey was like. I've never been really published before, but that's cause I've never really tried. So let's see what happens as I do.

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