My Story is Up For Critique

My story is now up for submission on Critters, and I'm kinda nervous, but not really. I'm more concerned about how many critiques I'm going to get than if the story's any good. I know no matter what it's going to get ripped to shreds, I just wonder if I'll get enough useful feedback on it. Novels get submitted as Request for Dedicated Readers, and generally don't do as well as short stories. Looks like the shorter the better in this short attention span world. Critiques are a funny thing, you're asking someone else to tear you down. Just like in college, you're paying someone else to fail you. But without critiques, many authors would run wild, like a naked child running in the woods and banging into trees. I know plenty of authors who have gotten to big for their britches and no one thinks to edit them anymore (I'm looking at you Stephen King). Blood 2 is a very personal work, but I'm not so childish a writer that I don't know that it needs other sets of eyes. I just wonder what sorts of things people are going to say. They're never what you expect, that's the great thing. I think I've got a problem with this character or this development, and they're like "It needs more ninjas!" And usually it's simple stuff that can be fixed, and that I curse myself for missing. The problem is you're never quite sure if the critiques fixed the story, and sometimes you get so many that you wonder if the story is even fixable.