The Beginning of the Next Big Thing

I've officially started production on my Psychic Story. I've got a couple of titles for it floating around right now, but A) they're titles of something else and B) they're all lame and not really descriptive of the story. At least they're gripping and zazzy enough (I made up that word, don't try to look it up), I think, for a reader to pick it up and be interested in it. Officially, we're calling it Psychic Story, but unofficially, just between you and me, I'm calling it Galerians, because that was sort of the inspiration for it, and about that, I shall say no more.
I like the notes I have gathered so far. I've got a good idea of the beginning and ending, A good fleshing of characters, the main ones at least, but I'd like more, and ideas of some settings. I think I am going to end up plotting this one. All the big-time authors I know use the free-writing method because it keeps the flow of original ideas, but I feel like I'm coming up with plenty of good ideas by just jotting down neat stuff, and I can keep the plot wrangled and not going off in some weird direction where I can't get back to the ending. Hopefully, the span of 'beginning of production' to 'completion of first draft' will be a lot shorter than it was for Blood 2: The Unforgiven.

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