Dream = Great Story Fodder

Had a dream last night, that was, well, let's just say it provoked many emotions, which are strange and foreign to me (not these emotions, but emotions in general). Don't care to mention what it was about, but I'm trying to use it in my story, using it to fuel a character, who didn't have much characterization in the first place. This is changing her into a bit of a different character than the ghostly image I had in the first place, but she's not too important of a person in the first place, just a macguffin. With these new developments, though, I'm thinking of fleshing her out more. Might create more sympathy for her, make her more real. Galerians also has a couple other plot devices based on a dream I had. Typically, this is not a good idea (i.e., do not write stories based on dreams. Dreams are by nature, non-sensical, and thus do not make good stories), but I'm not using the plot line of the dream, just the character. The key thing I have to remember is that if it _doesn't work_, I have to take it out and not be influenced by either laziness, or writer's perogative.

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