Finished: Dark Tower 4

I finished Dark Tower 4 yesterday, god I love these books. These are exactly what I'd like to write, but I'd never be able to get the passionate love story down, and I barely have the attention span for epics. I love epics, but writing them is different, even though I try to make everything I write 'epic' in some way, like "The Heretic". Like it's the last book I'll ever write. I'm suprised he doesn't try to write more fantasy, he's really good at it, better than he is at... whatever he's doing these days. We'll never see any Cujos or Pet Sematarys again. No, all we get is Lisey's Story, and Dreamcatcher. I say this because both this and The Regulators were published at the same time (I dunno if they were written at the same time, but it's logical to assume so). These are two vastly different books, one I couldn't make it through, the other I didn't put down. I guess this just shows the hit-or-miss nature of the creative process.

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