The Trouble with It

I'm having a lot of trouble getting into It. An old friend of mine said it was the scariest book of his that he ever read, but I just can't seem to keep my eyes on it, and I'm about 25% through it. I can usually read about 90 pages on a good day, but my max so far has been about 30. It seems to be having a lot of trouble getting into the story and focusing on it. It's just been a bunch of introducing of characters, flashbacks to a childhood I can't relate to, and killing a kid or two. No one's really met up yet (formed the team), and there's been little of Pennywise, or character interaction with each other. I guess he's trying to make it ominous, and tell everyone's interactions with It, but I just don't have anything to anchor on yet. No established main character, and he doesn't set in one story long enough, there's no flow.

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