Why Doesn't Anyone Like Me (my novel)?

I guess I can give up on the hopes that I can get my novel critqued. On Critters I only got three total for the week it was up. The guidelines said I could expect 15-20. The next unit won't be up until Mar. 21. At this rate, the novel won't be completely critiqued until September 2009. Even paying a professional is too expensive. I wouldn't pay any more than $50, which is about the maximum price of a novel. Most of the services I'm looking at, I'd have to pay $500 for my 153,000 word baby. I was willing to pay for it after I saw how little I got, since novels get the short end of the critiqueing stick, but not when I saw that price tag. I never thought this would be difficult, it's not like my novel sucks that much. I think people just don't want to invest the time span for things which might suck, when there's already so many novels out there that don't. Besides, I don't think I could publish this anyway, seems a waste for semi-fan fiction. My best bet now is my wife (who's not much of a partaker in this genre). I'll try giving it to her this summer when she has time. I hope she can give me some worthy feedback. Otherwise, I don't know how the professionals do it.

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