Back to the Grindstone

Still no comments on FictionSlamming, and nothing new on Zoetrope. What's the deal? Don't you like me?

Ah, well, it means nothing but keep grinding away. Galerians ain't gonna write itself. Gotta keep plugging away. The format of the Galerians pre-writing is getting a vibe much like Heretic - lots of dynamic characters all hapahzardly thrown together. Hopefully that's a good sign, because I really enjoyed that part of Heretic. I'm into revising the characters now. The problem with that is you never quite know how much history to add, whether it'll be a waste or if it turns out to be a sudden revelation that turns the plot. The main characters are fine, but the minors are the shaky ground. I'm worried whether they're just gonna become tokens, throw-aways, that we never see again. That's bad writing.
Speaking of Heretic, thinking of how best to get into that again. Don't want to overwhelm myself with writing projects, especially when it's not been Heretic at the forefront of my mind, but a Metroid screenplay. It's been double forefront ever since I saw Haloid and got awesome all over me.

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