Coming Back to FictionSlamming

Me post is on FictionSlamming, bucko, and a foine, foine post is too, shorin' begora.
Ironically, my first submission can still be seen on the main page too. I wonder if they'll remember me. They probably think it's only been three months since I last wrote something, when in fact my first submission was written in college. So the difference between my two submissions is more like five years of experience, rather than three months. Wow, that sounds like a lot now that I think about it. Hopefully, it'll be enough.
These guys are harsh. Just look at the entry below me. A fluffy piece about a guy who tries to talk to a girl and awkwardly botches it, preventing him from ever getting with her ever (a relatable subject). Not a single positive comment, they dismiss it as the main character not going through any real change, the scenelets not having very realistic dialogue, and some don't even give a reason. Just 'no'. My last story got the same too. I haven't looked, but I've never seen an entry that got a 'yes'. I wonder if this journal just gives out 'no's for the hell of it.