Talkin' Baseball

Yesterday was the Twins home opener, which, if I wasn't married, I wouldn't have glanced twice at. However, like pets that resemble their owners, interests tend to bleed over when you find a girl to twirl with. Yes, somehow I became interested in the Twins. But it's okay, she's become interested in things like video games and Magic:The Gathering (which we played while watching the game), so it's all right.
My point is, I had an idea for a baseball-oriented Final Fantasy 7 fan fic last year, it's been tooling around in my head for a while, and I really think it would be fun to write it. The thing is, I need to focus more on my original-fiction projects, so I keep putting it off, but it specially comes around nowadays. I watch the game, and all these great ideas are coming, but I must put them off to write something else. I probably will write it someday, maybe as a gift to my wife.

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