The Ghost of Writing Past

I've decided to stop work on trying to revise The Heretic. It's just too... well, it's just too bad. I can't even get through the introduction without hwarfing. The plot isn't cohesive enough or interesting enough, and I keep feeling that the effort to make it such would be insurmountable. This was my first major work after Blood 1, which is to say, I consider it my second "original" work. It's also my only truly original work, which is why I considered it for publication. But there's just not enough there, and if I can't read it, no one will. This is probably why a lot of writer's don't try to go back and "fix" dead works. It's just not progressive.
And the revision would take me away from my current works, and my current readings. No, it's best to look to the future, rather than try and capitalize on the past. Sure, it might end up getting published, but it would take a lot of work and effort that would probably be better spent on current works. That's not to say I couldn't rewrite it at some point in the future, at least. But I would probably start from scratch, totally remix it.
I'm also more strongly considering tweaking Blood 2 to be an original work - take out the fan fiction elements. I think that will be less of a challenge than rewriting Heretic, and the writing quality is better.

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