My Teeny Collection

On the right you can see my new LibraryThing catalog that will show you five random books that I've read or can remember reading. After what I consider to be an exhaustive pass through my memory and my collection, I discovered that I've read around 132 books. This disappoints me really, in my quest to become a writer, as I realize that I really haven't read that many "books". Most of my time during high school and college was wasted reading Star Trek books (most of which I haven't listed) and fan fiction. When I realized that, a little voice in my head said "wasted? wasted?!" I do wonder if what I was reading was wasted time I could have been reading classics and otherwise published authors that would have actually helped me become a better writer, instead of absorbing drivel from fans. Not to say the stories weren't great and I enjoyed what I enjoyed, but truth be told, only about 5% of fan fiction out there is worth reading, and I don't know what of that total would be considered "publishable writing". So it's like I've been watching indie films and amateur home movies, and now I'm trying to make Spider-Man 3. And most of these books are ones I have not read recently, except for the Stephen King.

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