The Past Bites

Working on The Heretic is not going so great. The more I look at it, the more I see just how much it fucking sucks. Adverbs everywhere. Dull characters. Plodding plot. I remember when I was writing it I wanted to make the first part kinda boring so that would contrast with the second part. But jeez that doesn't make people want to read it. The more I read it the more I think "How the hell am I going to fix this piece of garbage? Is it beyond repair?"
My whole intention was to spruce it up with my new skills and get it ready for publishing. I wrote in 2002, four years before I got "serious" and there've only been maybe 4 major works in between. I wonder if this is good practice for other authors, whether they go back to previously written works, and update/improve them so they can get them published. Mostly I just wanted to do it so I could get introduced to the submitting scene. But I'm seeing a lot more that needs to change with The Heretic than I originally thought, and I'm still on part 1 out of 3.