Black Hole Son Gets Blackier and Holier

Well, we have a problem with Black Hole Son.

Right now I'd say I'm less than a third done with one person's storyline (I have a dual-storyline going on, two separate plotlines running at the same time). It is currently at 23,000 words. This is a problem, because at these rates, one storyline might end up being the length of an entire novel, and it's only supposed to be half of one. If we take these rates liberally, it means the final product with be 138,000 words. And that's bad.

I don't know how the market goes, but I have a feeling that publishers don't want to risk something Stephen King-length on a new writer. I might be able to condense it in rewrites, but I don't know by how much. Depends on how much I can condense Blood 2 by.

When did I have this problem of overwriting? Is this the curse of making an outline? You end up with a long thing of prose because it looks so small on two pages of paper. Then you write it and all of a sudden - whoomp - it's like those sponge dinosaurs that start out capsule size then explode. I'm going to try to be a bit "speedier" with words from now on. Less reflecting and more condensing of ideas to see how it goes.

To remedy this, I intend to watch more of the dramatic prairie dog.

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