Friends Who Want To Read Your Work

You ever have someone who wants to read your story? This is why I have a hard time telling people I'm a writer. None of my friends are writers, or are much of readers (except Janet Evanovich novels, which are all the same). So I get a book in the mail and say it's research for a story I'm writing, someone says "Oh, can I read it when you're done". Maybe I'm just being a moron, but I don't think they really mean it. I think they're just being polite. Why? Well for one thing, not everyone's favored genre is the same, and moreso, favorite authors and styles. So it's very likely my author style isn't going to be what you like, or what you prefer. For another, take my wife (please). I asked her to read Blood 2, to critique it, but she still hasn't done it yet. Maybe she feels intimidated (it's 153,000 words long, nearly fifty percent more than her Stephanie Plum books), maybe she's nervous about not liking my work (even though I keep telling her I'm not worried about that). I think more that it's just not her type of book. She says she likes sci-fi, but she's got more historicals and classics, like Tom Clancy and John Steinbeck, stuff that she's picked up from school. This is more along the lines of Catcher in the Rye meets Dean Koontz (I'm hardly comparing myself to Dean Koontz, I just tried to think of a well-known supernatural writer name). So it's hard to believe my friends are sincere when they say they want to read my book. Not to mention I'm not that comfortable exposing that certain side of me to them. Because on that side, all secrets end.

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