Geek Mafia finished

I finished Geek Mafia today. That is a good book. These days, it's very hard to find current media that's about current media. And it's great to see one that's got such a great plot. See here, the characters in the beginning actually show up in the end. What I mean by that is that at first, you assume that it's kind of like a linear series of plot points, which take the form of cons. You see one person from a plot cluster, and you don't expect to see him again. But you do.
This is unlike my book, where I have plenty of characters that don't show up anywhere else in the book besides where they're supposed to. Since it's sort of a "quest" storyline, you end up with one character making stops along the way, and then never looking back. I'm not too fond of this, I think it's lazy on my part, but that seems to be what the story I wrote calls for.

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