Not Writing at Work Anymore

Something happened. I don't seem to be writing at work anymore. I don't know why. I wrote Blood 2 at work just fine last Fall/Winter. More than 2,000 words a day. But nothing seems to be coming when I write at work. Maybe because I have too much drive to get my work done. Maybe I have too many internet distractions. Maybe I have too many things to read. Maybe I can't get enough inertia going inbetween spurts to get a decent momentum of writing and flowage going.None of these are good excuses. But I have been able to write at home. Unfortunately, I also have no time there either. I have to really set aside time, and then set a stopwatch on my comp to make sure I stay focused and don't start playing Half-Life. Of course, this is probably the way I'm supposed to do it. I'm just surprised that I'm having trouble writing at work anymore.

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