The Submissions Keep Rolling

Horrible story I had to critique for Critters today. 50% exposition, cliche story, dull characters. And everybody talks in midievil (I gotta learn how to spell that. That and suspicious are my two words I never seem to get) speak. "Yes, Mother. Tell the young man that he should not wait any longer." No one important uses contractions. That's for the masses. Goddammit, write how people talk. I had a good run of luck with some decent stories, but this one broke my streak. You know it doesn't look good when I'm looking at a half page of comments in raw form alone. I wonder what gets in some people's head that they write these. Are they trying to mimic Jane Austen or some other gothic romance? This is the nineties, people.The sad part is it still has four more critiques than my story does.

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