Baby Books

The beat goes on.

I'm trying to find a baby book for my kid. My mom kept one when I was a baby from 0-5 that was pretty comprehensive. It showed all my developmental milestones, my behavior, personality, friends, favorite foods, first lock of hair and so on. My wife has shown 0 interest in any of this, so it's up to me to find one that I like. But I haven't found any, they're all too childish, too juvenile, and leave too much information out. The ones that say "the first five years" are all really the first year, and then one page for the second birthday, one page for the third birthday, etc. at the back. I wish I could just find the baby book that I had when I was a kid, that would be perfect. I need something that shows his/her developmental growth throughout that time period, because that's the fun part. I guess they're marketing minimalist baby books because they think parents don't have the time anymore.

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