Diaries and FictionSlamming

This week I've got some diary entries to write, so there may not be much in productive words. Plus I'm tired as hell today. Running on auto-pilot.

I will talk about FictionSlamming though. I sent them my story in April and still don't have a technical "judgement" on it, on whether I'm "in" or not. I had one clear yes, one clear no, and ambiguous comments that mostly consisted of criticism, but no vote. Last time I got a clear resolution from one of the moderators, but that was in a month or less. Where is it now? No one's bothered to answer.

Not that I really care anymore. Critters is getting more and more useful to me, and these people say 'no' and don't back up their statements. That's no reviewing site for me. I got a damn fine critique of my college story, which may just have been because there was so much to hack on, but I don't see so much of that in recent entries. I think the site's moderators are either sick of the endeavor, or just getting lazy. Since it seems like there are more applicant's posting than members, that makes being a member somewhat obsolete.

And anyway, memberships are tentative, if you think about it. Say your best piece gets you in. Now you have to write at that level all the time. If you inundate them with a few flops, why wouldn't they rescind your membership. No, I think I'll stick with Critters for now. It's got its flaws, but at least I don't have to be "in with the in crowd." Although now I've gotten curious, so I posted a retro-comment. I'll let you know what happens.

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