The Last Brainspike

Sorry for the none of you who read this on a regular basis for the lack of posts. I took some sudden vacation because I realized I had some to burn, and my wife was going out of town for several days. I thought it would be the only time I would ever be able to get alone again, since my wife's due in Feb. So I played twenty-five hours of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I call it The Last Brainspike.

The other reason is that this is probably the last Zelda game I'll ever get to play. My time is already short enough as it is, and with a baby, it'll be nil. I wonder if I'll even be able to play Guitar Hero. I've already given up Final Fantasy (which wasn't hard given the current direction of the series). But people have been comparing Twilight Princess to Ocarina of Time ("the best game ever created"), and it's been nine years since that game. It couldn't be passed up. If this was to be the last Zelda game I'd ever get to play I wanted to make it my own experience. Maybe I'm selfish that way, but that's what escapism does to some people.

So as soon as she left I played it in about 3-4 hour blocks, breaking for about an hour in-between to rest my GameCube and my eyes, and do some errands, like eat. I actually finished earlier than expected, but I got a condensed version, because I wanted to finish the story, and that left out some of the exploring that accompanies Zelda games. But that's okay, I really like the story of video games anyway. And this one was definitely on par with OoT (althought I'm still having nightmares after that scary flashback sequence with the third light spirit and Possessed Link). Thought a little more character development of the Link/Zelda/Ganon trifecta would have been nice, since that's what the game all boils down to. I'm still confused on some plot points (how did Ganon get Zelda?), but I love the gameplay, the items (go-go gadget-spinner), and the new characters like Yeto and Midna (and lack of some old ones. I'm looking at you, Tingle - the pixelated Jar-Jar Binks). Two thumbs up.

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