I Can Critiques Blood 2?

I think I might have found someone who's actually going to give me a fair and complete critique of Blood 2. I'm doing a novel exchange with someone who contacted me through Critters, and I'm looking at her story right now. I feel a little bad cause her story is near half mine's length. I'm also worried I might be too harsh on her, I'm not trying to be, but I'm trying to teach some lessons here. Not that I really have the authority to do so.

But her writing sounds a lot like me when I was first starting back in high school, so at least it's not drudgery trying to pick through unexplained phenomena and flowery descriptions. I hope I'm serving her, and not degrading her.

One more note: I'm amazed that despite all the Harry Potter media, the comic strips, the blog posts, that no one has yet spoiled the ending for me. All I know is it's depressing (which is obvious), and one source makes me think it may have been a cop-out. I still don't know who dies and who lives (except for SKD, which must happen in book 6, cause it wasn't in movie 5). So no one say anything until I get the boxed set in Septemeber. KTHXBYE.

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