Monday's Token entry

Friday, I felt like I was getting burnt out by my writing. Nothing felt like it was flowing, it was all just a bunch of stuff that I needed to put together to set up plot points in the future. I've got 2500 words down on it already, and more to come. The problem is that what I need to have happen doesn't flow well, and doesn't sound super-plausible. And that's something I need to watch out for cause I got a good dressing down on all the stuff in Blood 2 that doesn't make sense. And I was like "Oh, god, I've got so much to fix in that." It's all because of what I wanted to have happen, instead of what would have happened, so I got a bunch of stuff that doesn't seem logical to the reader, but seems logical to me.

I think I just need to read my scene from the beginning, and hopefully, if I tweak one thing, I should be good to go.

BTW, 100th post! Sweet.

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