One of those Days

Today's a day where I just don't feel like writing. Either I feel satisfied from yesterday, or I'm just too tired, or at least tired in the way, where the brain isn't firing cleanly. Which is too bad because I'm only three or four chapters from the end of part one (which is basically a novel in itself, I should reward myself just for that). I think this one of those times where I need to bitch-slap myself and say "Get back to work, ho".

I did get a nice ego boost today when I logged into my account for the first time in months, just to see where I was at. My Mega Man/Legend of Zelda crossover, Gatecrash, has gotten a great amount of hits, reviews, and favorite counters. Way more than I remember getting the last time I looked at it. Part 1 has been hit 18,000 times, and Part 2 got 15,000. Most of those are guys clicking on the first chapter, deciding they don't like it, and then moving on. That ratio's about 10:1. But what's more important is the reviews.

Unfortunately, doesn't have any grading scale, so you can't tell if a story's good or bad just by it's blurb entry, you actually have to read it. I think the site should have something like Newgrounds does, by blamming (deleting entries below a certain rating threshold). That would cut a lot of the crap that FF is known for. The only way you can judge the popularity of a story is reviews. The more you have, the more you can presume someone liked the story enough to write something favorable about it, and that's very good in the Internet world. Collectively, Gatecrash has 235 reviews, 86 for part 1, 149 for part two. That's pretty good in my book.