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Oh not much to say today. My new thing is looking at random pages on video game Wikis. Right now, I've got Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Zelda, and Mega Man. I just wish there were more pix and details, because I love trivia and I love video games.

I have to write a complaint letter to my cable company (not really 'have to', but I gotta do something). I don't anticipate it yielding a lot of results, but really, I'd like to know. What can you do to punish a bad company? Especially one that's got a monopoly like a cable company does. All the alternatives are more expensive, but I hate the way they keep getting away with shit because they're the only cable company in the area.
So I'm staring at my letter, trying to figure out the best way to A) communicate what's happened to me and B) get something done about it. This is called writing for an audience, which I would not list as one of my strengths (but not one of my weaknesses). It's also called 'persuasive writing'. As my Technical Writing professor was so fond of saying, there are only two ways to get someone to do something - hold an uzi to his head, or persuade him. The problem is, how does David convince Goliath to stop being an ass (although based on the Wikipedia article I just read, I can't see anything bad Goliath did).

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