Dream about Stephen King

Sunday night I had a dream that I was on a cruise ship (I have a lot of cruise ship dreams. I must want to go back there). I think it might have been some kind of writing convention on the ship, because these are the parts I remember. I remember reading a blackboard list of all the people who were there. I don't know if they were writers or not, but the only name I recognized was Stephen King, so clearly I was excited. He doesn't make too many public appearances any more, and except for his heinous vandalism :), hasn't been in the media except for book releases.

I also remember there was some sort of live band in another part of the ship that I went to, that had guest singer Jordy Verrill. This is the character that Stephen King played in Creepshow. He was a country bumpkin that discovered a meteorite that turned him and everything around him into a moss-fungus thing. He was singing in character, complete in his costume, like Mojo Nixon or Reverend Horton Heat:
Then, later, I remember him having something like a seminar, but it was more of a class. It wasn't very well-populated, but I was there, furiously scribbling notes. I don't remember him saying very much that was useful, but I figured I'd write first, and cull out what I needed later. Besides, it was neat just hearing what to do from "the guy who made it".

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