Good News and Bad News

The good news is I'm very close to the end of Part 1 (Character A) of my novel.

The bad news is the reason for the good news is that I feel like I shouldn't write the ending yet.

That's because this is a zipper story (two separate storylines where they come together), and I've written one guy's storyline first. Character A begins and ends the story, and that's how I originally intended to write it. But then I thought, if I do that, I'm going to be writing part of the story where the two characters mesh, and I'm not going to be in Character B's head at all. It's going to be all Character A, and Character B is going to be shorted, treated like a non-focus character.

That didn't seem kosher to me, so, at my great regret, I have to hold off on writing the ending-ending until I get Character B's storyline down. I feel it's only fair to him to do that. And it'll keep the balance that I wanted to be in the story. It makes me sad because before I get Character B's story down, I have to revise Blood 2 and Avatar, so it may be a while. I think next time, I'm not going to take so much time between revisions, so that I have a chance to write down another novel in between.

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