No More Books!

For the first time in quite a few months, I am out of books to read in my queue. Reflex was the last one. Star Dragon, as you see on the sidebar, is the book I'm reading at work. I have a bunch of stuff saved to my hard drive so I can read at work too, inbetween compile times (of course, I've been neglecting that recently to edit the Zelda Wiki, which, for some reason, is addicting). So that one doesn't count.

I ordered a few books about writing from Amazon. One by Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game) and one that was recommended and cost 32 cents (both were used). These aren't the next ones in the queue, they're just reference material for myself. Can never get too much help, if you're me. This will just be some bedtime reading while I'm waiting for something, or are sick of that particular episode of Frasier.

I should be getting the Harry Potter book series soon. I preordered it from B&N in August, and it should be around in Sept, but I forget the release date. So I wonder whether I should buy anything before I get those. Obviously, I'm not gonna read all seven back to back. I would go mental. But I don't really have anything I want to buy or feel like I need to read right now. Neuromancer was on my mind, but I've already read it, I just think I should have a copy of it for posterity. My next long form is going to have some cryptozoology, so I've got some books on my wishlist for that, but I haven't analyzed them, and the story's a long way off.

I think I'll just enjoy this rest period. I don't get to complete things very often, and having things to do that are necessary and take a long time make me edgy. Damn my obssessive compulsions.