Insert naughty comment about Dumbledore's broomstick

Well, Dumbledore is gay. Great, that ruins the other six Harry Potter books that I haven't read yet. I'll tell you, he doesn't seem gay to me. And it irritates me that Rowling decided to make this big announcement, because that's telling us how to interpret the characters. It totally changes his character, and frankly, it's largely irrelevant because Dumbledore is not supposed to have a sexual life. He's the father figure/leader for Harry, and his sexual preference is, at least, irrelevant, and, at most, nothing we want to know about. If it wasn't obvious that Dumbledore was gay in the books or movies, it shouldn't be obvious by the author telling us, because now we're forced to think that way. Spoils the fun.

I've got 1,400 words worth of notes on my next scene alone. If this sucker's below 4,000 words I'll eat my hat. I've got to get Character B's rep up, or he'll look like he's playing second fiddle to Character A.

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