So Much For Civility

The new results are in - 100% of dicks are dicks. And that's counting the hanging chads.

The one guy who actually apologized rescinded once he found all the new stuff on my blog to criticize and use as evidence to tell me I'm a bad person who eats gruel and sauerkraut juice.

What is it with people needling and needling, trying to provoke a reaction. Does he think he's actually going to change me? Does he think I'm going to lose my cool and get all flustered. What's he trying to prove? What does he hope to accomplish? He's not going to kick me off. If he even tries that I can bring him and two other people down. All it does his amuse me and let me hone my argument skills. All it does for him is make him angry and cry into his pillow at night.

I must have damaged his ego so bad, he needs to get the last word in, and try and salvage the scraps. That's the only logical reason I can figure for him continuing this. Him and the other guy who keeps e-mailing me.

So far, Frank (not his real name) has read all my critiques and now all my blog entries. At this point he should start a fan club. He certainly knows enough about my writing. If he stopped sucking ABurt's dick long enough he'd see that all he's doing is amusing me and giving me blog material.

And I know he's reading this blog so nyeah, nyeah, na-nyeah, nyeah.

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