Writing Slump

Writing took a slump after yesterday. I think one of the thing's that's stopping me is I'm inundating myself with writing advice. All the books I've read, the critiques and critiquing, the web sites I've got bookmarked - it's taking away the fun of writing, the fun of creating. It's pressuring me to poop out Heinlein every day, instead of creating interesting characters and situations, and playing with them like action figures, which is why I like writing in the first place. I'm getting burnt out on everyone barking orders at me. Stop using was. Show, don't tell. No adverbs. Your characters aren't doing anything. All these thoughts are in my head as I'm writing, so it gets impossible to reach out through the wall and write something on the page.

So I'm going to put away all the writing advice, the tips and tricks, for a while, and just focus on writing like I used to, so it can be fun again. Might mean less frequent blog posts, but we'll see.

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