Mr. Wheaton and Mr. Critters

One thing I forgot to mention last time is the Ficlets experience I had last week. I logged in one night and found that the mighty Wil Wheaton had the featured story, his first one. Naturally, I couldn't miss this opportunity to pay homage to one of my favorite bloggers and all-around good guy. So I wrote a prequel, wondering if he would see it, and scared that he would.
The next day, I idly checked back, and found about nine comments, one of this was this:
How awesome is this?! Wow, praise from Caesar. Actual communication with a celebrity writer, albeit with many layers of separation. I know he commented on a few other other the stories (of course, lots of people posted to Wil's ficlet), and he might have just been being nice, but this really made my day.

In other news, I did a Critters critique for the first time in a while. I saw "Frank" had a story on there. He's the guy who decided I needed a stern talking-to from daddy. I thought about critiquing his, just to get a little vengeance, but realized it would gain me anything. I had already gotten the last word in. And taking the time to write a critique, scathing or otherwise, would likely fall on deaf ears, just as his words did. It's just impossible to accept critique from someone you know had an agenda. It nullifies all the comments, useful or not. Likely the reverse would be true, so I did someone else's short story.

She did not complain at all about my critique, I'd like to note.

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