My First Rejection Letter

Revisions on Blood 2 are going... well, they're going. I'm on page 65 out of 250. But I can only get about 10 pages in an hour. And it's only going to be worse on Black Hole Son, which has 10,000 more words. So it's slow.

I see why most writers neglect the revising process - it's grueling. It's like going to the dentist. All you ever see are the things you get wrong, and get lectures about how you need to do this more. And you get each little thing picked at and picked at and picked at, until it's like, "aren't you done yet? Haven't you got everything?" It's no fun. You don't get to create anything. I'm itching to write my short stories, or get started on the mermaid story, but not until I take my lumps.

Speaking of short stories, I got Avatar back from Asmiov's today. After shoveling snow for an hour, that was a real treat to see rejection letter number one. It was a form letter, like I expected, that said how it didn't suit their magazine at the time. I was just delighted I got all the submission guidelines right. It's like looking for a job, gotta make sure you're sending it to the right address, all the attachments they want to see, other wise. The only sad part is I don't know why it was rejected - the specific reason.

But when you fall down, you pick yourself back up. I don't think I can afford to feel bad about rejections until I get 500 like J.A. Konrath. I'd send it out to my next candidate today, but I don't have my list with me so I don't know where to send it.

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