Back to Life

Well, let's recap what's happened since January 12.

I lost my job. You'd think that means I have more time for writing, but with a newborn, that tends to be on the backburner. I need to keep steady on my job search, so that means spending just about as much time searching for one as working at one. By the way, Claire Katherine is doing fine and dandy, though she seems grumpy all the time, but hopefully that'll pass. Her favorite story is "Ten Apples Up On Top".

I've finished revising Blood 2. I think there's going to be a drastic reduction in the amount of words and it'll be interesting to see what happens to it.

I got a second rejection letter from F&SF. This one appeared in a very short time, just like I estimated, but it was personalized, so I'm moving up in the world. They said that the story didn't catch their attention. Not sure how I can use that to improve my story. Maybe there needs to be a sex scene, or more decapitations.

Next up, I have the choice of revising Black Hole Son or starting some short stories. I've got three on my plate that I think are viable. I think it's more necessary to start the short stories, because they would help me build up my CV.

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