More Fairy Story Problems

Problems with Fairy Story continue. I can't seem to get a plot in front of this background I've created. I've changed the main character's age and situation three times, but any way I slice it, there's no conflict, no drama, and no interest. Everything comes out like a children's story, which, if you're dealing with fairies, is hard to avoid. But I can't make it substantial, that's the problem. Every time I go into narrative, it sounds like it's meant for an eight-year old audience. Every time I think I've solved the problem, I've realized I've precluded a part that I wanted to include.

My strategy now is to try and write the parts that I do know. I've only done it once or twice, and that wasn't because I had a specific problem. I think the only way I'm going to get a story out of this now is to work backwards. I know the ending, but I just don't know how the character gets there. Maybe I can break it down and back track.

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