More Whining About Short Stories

I'm really going through a lot of emotions with this short story crap. It seems like no matter what I write, it's crap. It's too juvenile, or it has no ending, it just fizzles. But I have to keep pressing on to get writing cred. But no one's gonna accept crap like this. I'm a novel writer, not a short story writer. I just have no desire to turn these out because I have no interest in the storylines. There's no time for anything to develop. It's like pulling teeth. No matter what, I can't think of a non-cliche way to end Kaiju story. Everything's been done before. I can't come up with anything original. And the original stuff goes in a direction I can't follow or sounds ridiculous, like a children's story. There's just no time to develop a character, to make them likable, to make them want to be someone to be with. All I've got is a concept, no plot associated with it. What if blankity-blank. Well, I've got the what if, just not the what happens. I keep asking myself and the story what I'm supposed to write. I keep writing down what's wrong with the way things are going, but I've got no way to make things right. It's making it so writing is becoming a chore, instead of something fun to do, because I keep trying to write like those good writers, those professional writers. If I can't get the draft right the first time, I'll never be able to fix it. Should I even bother anymore? Should I just focus on the novels. Writing these short stories seems like I'm trying to advertise, instead of improve.

Nothing sounds as good as those writers in the professional stories. They're doing things with structure that I can't even begin to think like.

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