Avatar circles the Hub

Avatar is finished. I took out that other character and now it's a bit less moralistic, but I think it's a stronger story. I submitted it to Hub Magazine, a UK e-publication. I selected that one because in my notes, I said it would be a good place for Avatar. They pay good - $50/story (25 curly-L-with-the-dashes), but they take a long-ass time to respond, which I didn't realize before I submitted. Their website lists response time as 4 months, but Ralan puts them at 250 days. Either way, that's quite a bit of time to wait for a rejection. I might have reconsidered if I'd checked, but I didn't have time to look at Ralan's before submitting.

Also, I seem to have lost my submissions tabulation. I was keeping a spreadsheet of places I'd submitted to and est. rejection, oops, I mean, response times (with a handy-dandy formula I made), so I could keep track of where my stories were going. I seem to have lost this. It's not on my laptop or my defunct gmail drive. That's not a big deal - I don't really need the data on it for any reason. I only submitted to four places before, and I know what they all were. They're not on my current list of potentials. I'm just curious where it ended up, since I'm usually good at making sure I've got double and triple back-ups.

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