Blood 2: The Unforgiven - Finished

Pages: 210 (at 12 pt. font)
Words: 116,223

As of September 9, 6:56 PM CDT, I declare Blood 2: The Unforgiven, complete and done with. Now I've just gotta figure out when I'm going to release it.
I've already got some files uploaded to, and according to their reader statistics, I get a lot of hits in the middle of the week - Wed, Thurs, etc. Lord knows why - maybe that's when the boredom of teenagers sets in and they start wandering around the Internet, looking for something to do.

Well, I'm hoping this is the last entry I do for Blood 2, unless it's to talk about the reaction. I figure this will be read by relatively few people, which is so sad for a story I worked for 8 years on (off and on, of course). But I'm just glad I can put it behind me - one less thing to worry about, and now I can start on real writing that will actually have tangible rewards.

Next up is the short stories, specifically Avatar, then White Mage Fighter story, Vampire Story, Old Man and the Dragon story, and maybe I can convert Fairy story into flash fiction.

You can't ever stop in this business. There are no fanfares when you get done, each transition is as silent as the rotation of the Earth. No one congratulated me on finishing Blood 2. No one shook my hand and handed me a Publisher's Clearing House check. There was no feeling of accomplishment when I got done, it just felt like another day at the office. I hope the satisfaction will kick in when I start getting feedback.

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