Current Update

I've finished with Vampire Family Story for now and submitted it to Critters. It really didn't need a whole lot of restructuring, except for the first scene which still bothers me. There's just no way to communicate all that information without telling. And I'm wondering how much of the gun I need to reveal in the first act for it to show up in the third, and not need to extend the story so much. It's already at capacity, about 5,000 words. I need an objective opinion on it at this point.

Now I'm working on White Mage Story, and its just a hoot. Again, needs condensing. I don't know if I'll be able to get it under 5,000 words, but I'll try. Again, lots of information to cover, so it ends up fast paced. I fear if I cut anything, I'll end up reducing its excitement and interest. But I'm really surprised I added so much light-hearted humor, like "bummerino". And I think there's enough here that I could turn it into a novel. Maybe that'll be the one after Mermaid Story, but I'm still going to make it into a short story first.

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