White Mage Story done

I'm done with the first draft of the White Mage story - go me for productivity! It's been submitted to Critters under the title "Healing Mage", because I thought I couldn't call him a White Mage, I thought that was too close to Final Fantasy, although I hate the word Healing Mage. I should probably find a better word, but I like the concept of White Mage so much - it sounds right.

Next up is trying to make Fairy Story into a flash fiction. Right now it sounds a little dry, as I'm basically turning the concept into the narrative. No dialogue, and not much setting. No revelations either. We'll see how that goes, but at least it shouldn't take too long.

After that, I'm debating between Kaiju Story and a new story about an crochety dragon slayer that's asked to come out of retirement. I've got nowhere to go on Kaiju story, but some of my work is already done for me, thus far. That's the advantage there. But old dragon story, I've got a fairly complete plot line.

And at some point I want to convert all my notes into computer text, in case I lose my bag. Right now, all of Mermaid story is written on a thousand post it notes, and if I lose them, I lose just about all of the concepts I've imagined so far. That's not smart. I'm that writer that can't rewrite the story if it all flew off his bike, but I'm also lazy, and inspriation doesn't hit me much, so I've got to back-up, back-up, back-up.

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