Short Stories Almost Done

I think we might be finishing the first draft of Old Dragon Slayer story today, and that means we can finally move on to revising Black Hole Son. I can't remember how long it's been since I looked at it, but it's somewhere between two and six months. I do have another bun in the oven, but I'm writing it slow. I'm not going to let it interrupt time on the "big boy".

I've got to say, I'm nervous about tackling the 300 page beast. It's so "two-novels-in-one" that I still can't figure out what I'm going to cut. The only thing I can rely on are that Character A's scenes tend to run long, he does a lot of introspecting, so a lot of that can go. But besides that, I've got a lot of forced things, a lot of elements that I have in there so a guy can get from point A to point B. It's like making a story that a giraffe ends up driving a cab in New York City. The concept sounds interesting, but you've got to read how he got there.

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