Black Hole Son Draft #2 Finished

Black Hole Son Draft 2 is done. If my previous posts are to be believed, I spent three months (92 days), which is how long it felt. Should it take that long to do a novel revision? Ah well.

One of the big problems I'm facing now is renaming the characters, especially the primary two. I've gotten so used to their place-names, I feel like that's their real names. But they cannot be used, because they represent character traits of other characters. I don't know how to change this so that they fit. I've been looking at name sites but the names that have the meaning I want don't fit, or they don't sound right. I think one name I'm just going to have to make up, and the other has to have some kind of real world meaning, but still be a name. And it would be cool if it was related to fire. Originally, I was going to change the name, then print, but it's looking like it would take too long for research to be completed in a reasonable time. By the way, I got it down to 141,000. Not too shabby, but it could use more cuts.

What do I have to do now. Well, I need to incorporate the critiques of Fairy Kingdom, White Mage Story, and Vampire Family story, and make their final drafts so I can start sending them out. That should probably be my next priority. After that, I should get Kaiju Story and Old Dragonslayer Story ready for critiqueing. After that, maybe I should think about finishing the stories that aren't finished, or do some world-building for Mermaid Story. Depends where I'm at at that point.

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