Things are going a little better with Mermaid Story. Last week, I had the "I can't think of any ideas", "this isn't as good as what I wrote before", "I'll never be able to excel in this" blahs. Now I'm working through gluing together the plot outline, and some things are starting to shine. I just had to tell myself that the process of writing isn't just waiting for ideas to come, its staring at blank page of paper and making them come. Make those ideas your bitches.

And happily, I'll be on vacation this weekend. Wait, let me amend that. My wife and one-year-old daughter will be on vacation this weekend, and I'll be staying at home doing my thang. My thang will consist of eating Rachael Ray recipes full of meat and cheese, watching naughty movies, and brainspiking Resident Evil 4 until my eyes bleed. Ah, good times ahead. The party starts this Thursday, so don't expect much from me (not that you did). Expcet me to be begging for vegetables when Tuesday comes around.