Things I Have to Do

Here are the many things that I have to do in the near future, which is the reason why I am continually lashing out like an angry eel.

-Make logo for sister's business
-Quickly learn how to properly use Paint Shop Pro so I can make logo for sister's business
-Make salsa
-ake more salsa because my wife ate it all and I didn't get a bite
-Find out what I want for Christmas
-Find out what baby wants for Christmas
-Pick continually ripening vegetables from garden after they become ripe and before they start to rot (which is about a 2-day window)
-Post pictures of my kid to Facebook
-Let everyone know kid #2 is a girl
-Look up names for kid #2
-Weed garden
-Mow lawn
-Weed-whack lawn
-Take care of baby #1 while wife becomes progressively more handicapped by baby #2
-Take care of progressively handicapped wife who is dealing with a teething toddler and overly-busy daddy
-Burn CDs for in-laws
-Burn CDs for myself
-Make WAV files into MP3 files
-Burn DVDs
-Compile critiques for Kaiju Story
-Work on soundtrack for Black Hole Son
-Listen to ever-increasing amount of podcasts
-Read library books
-Watch borrowed Doctor Who before I forget what happened in the previous episode
-Stress out about our stupid backyard drainage issue that's going to cost too much to fix, is really the developer's fault but the developer is bankrupt, and needs the cooperation of a block's worth of neighbors to get fixed.

Oh, and I've got a little novel that I think I'm supposed to be working on.

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