Too Many Vampires

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Vampires are everywhere. They're in gangs. They're in business. They live next door, hiding things in their basement. They're in high school, snogging by your locker. They're in college, living in an abandoned fraternity house. They're in the cupboard. They're in my wife's jam. I can't get in the bathtub without three or four of them jumping in with me.

What is it with vampires? I mean, I understand their appeal - what they represent - sex, seduction, blood diseases caused by something forbidden, all-around bad boy naughtiness. But why now? Why are there so many of them? They're as common as cockroaches. And they're so... weak. Not that they're about power. But they're being treated like another race that we're supposed to adapt to living with, like the mutants in X-Men. They're like black people. (not that I'm comparing black people to cockroaches. I mean, they're common, they're around, but I mean... they're not... oh boy, maybe I better stop)

I'm getting irritated with all the vampire fiction that floods the market. If I wrote a story about a vampire, I'm sure it would get picked up easier than Black Hole Son. Something with a dark mysterious guy and the woman who loves him. But no! She can't. He's a vampire. They're from two different worlds. It just wouldn't work. But their love is too strong.

There 89,985 more words, and print it!

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