Dreams Last Night

You know you're a writer when you have a dream that you're in charge of a arranging a bunch of boats a la Battleship, only all the boats are made of words. And they're words from the story you're writing. And you have to steer them so that they don't touch, otherwise the words will get tangled (all those spaces inbetween) and you'll never get the boats apart.

Then the second dream was about me rejoining a Tae Kwon Do chapter in my neighborhood after a 10 year, 20 pound absence. Everyone had a different colored uniform - red, blue, black - and you could have (maybe earn) patches like fire and yin/yang symbols and serpents for your gi to look more badass. I wasn't very happy that the focus was shifting to decorations and flair when it should be on physical form and strength. You need to earn the right to be badass.