Saw Scarface for the first time last night. I don't why I'm talking about it, it has nothing to do with writing. I was just struck by how much was lifted into Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The camera pans over a salmon and cream building and I go "hey, I've been in that building! That's my save point." Then they pan to the street and it looks exactly like in Vice City - the palm trees the oceans, the buildings, the cars, the bikini-clad women. Every song was something I'd heard repeatedly driving around in my Banshee or Idaho. Push it to the limit, indeed. Walk along the razor's edge.

Then they have the scene in the dance club. It looked exactly like the one in Vice City - the same round shape, colors, and dance floor. I was like "hey, I know that club. I shot all those people. Yeah, I got a mini-gun and just spun in a circle. Best body count I ever got." The best part was I'd go to the stairs, come back, the dance floor's full again, hopping up and down on the bodies like the night of Bacchus. Gives a new meaning to blood on the dance floor. Anyway, thought it was funny.

It also might have something to do with the three rum & cokes I had that night.

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