The Ultimate Update OF ALL TIME!

I'm now in the homestretch of finished Black Hole Son. After I'm done revising, I'm going to turn on formatting, and check for the spaces between periods. This will also give me a chance to give it a fast lookover and final polish before it's sent out into etherspace. And it's looking good for me to finish under 120,000 words, if I haven't already.

I've also given permission for myself to start working on my query letter. I've already made a rough outline, thanks to a Query Letter questionnaire I found online (I forget where I found it, sorry. Try Nathan Bradsford's site). It's really a handy little tool, and it's helped me shape my query letter in an acceptable format. Plus given me a reference for future storytelling - I had no idea all stories should include some kind of ticking clock, but now I see that in just about everything.

Sorry this took a while, but I discovered a fun little game called "Left 4 Dead" over the weekend. More on that later.

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