Fairy Kingdom Rejected From FlashQuake: Didn't Hold My Interest

Fairy Kingdom got rejected from FlashQuake. And it looks like they give you some feedback. Two editors. One voted no. Comments: I lost interest in the first two paragraphs. Another voted no. Comments: It didn't hold my interest.

First, let me say it's pretty awesome that they let you look at what the editors were thinking while they're voting on your piece. I intend to look closely at the first two paragraphs of Fairy Kingdom to see what I did wrong.

Second, the words "didn't hold my interest" is the most useless piece of feedback you can get. In no way does it help me improve the story. What do you want to see? Explosions? Gratuitous fairy sex? It sure held my interest. Otherwise, I wouldn't have written it. Not every story has to start with a daring motorcycle chase, or a steamy sex scene. It's a narrative, it's a style.

Exactly what am I supposed to do to make it more interesting for you? How does that information help me? How would you like me to write it so that it does hold your interest? Can you go into any more detail maybe? Maybe I should've mentioned all the fairies have big hooters (relatively speaking) and during their society's degradation, fairy strip joints popped up all over the place, covered in sparkle dust and skimpy leaf outfits. But then there was a gas leak, causing a massive fireball (again, relatively speaking) to consume half the kingdom, and Prince Faraday gallantly swings in on a vine, shoots the spreading fire with his AK-47 (modified from a G.I. Joe accessory) and drives his red blazing Cadillac out just as the building smolders to the ground.

Okay, rant over.

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